Frequently Asked Questions - find answers to questions you may have regarding our services.

1. What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is the placement of a seasoned professional into your organisation through a period of change and transition. He or she will generally be overqualified for the assignment and will therefore be able to "hit the ground running".

2. What are the costs involved?

These will vary dependant on the client's needs and will be discussed in the early stage shaping the assignment.

3. I need to improve the performance in some key areas within my operations where do I start?

Consultana will carry out a one day feasibility study to look at what can and cannot be achieved. This will be fed back to the client with clear deliverables outlined.

4. I need sustainable benefits in my organisation. Often initiatives are short lived. How can I achieve this?

Consultana will work with the client to form an internal project team where knowledge is transferred from consultana to the client. A significant part of the implementation plan will be the "imbedding" of this knowledge into the organisation.

5. I have a question that isn't answered here what should I do?

Please see details of how to contact us. You can then use any of these methods to forward your question onto ourselves and we shall help you whatever the nature of your question.